Month: September 2017

‘The Artist as Hero’

The 3 Palaces 2017

Moden Festivals have been growing since the early 1920’s to provide artistic and exciting and thrilling gathering spaces to share moments that often elude us in our everyday lives . It is the case that in the festival form we can apprehend the struggles of our daily lives transformed into expressions of joy and reflection ,

fun , playfulness and all those useful thoughts and feelings that make for mutual respect and understanding of our common yet complex purpose.

Three Palaces Festival 2017: The Artist As Hero

Press Release

‘The Artist As Hero’ is the chosen theme for the 5th edition of the Three Palaces Festival, which seeks “to shine a focus on the contribution of extraordinary musicians and composers,” said the festival’s artistic director for the second year running Peter Manning during a press conference launching this year’s edition of the festival.