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Encore 3 Palaces


The quiet and colourful voices of Alyin Perez and Nicola Said, the reflective music of Bach with Steven Isserlis, the glory of the brass exultation of John Wallace and the Wallace Collection, alongside the pianistic outpourings of Dominic Galea and violinistic fireworks and musical stories from Carmine Lauri and Ania Safanova with the great Sean Shibe as guitar- poet and composer Karl Fiorini wrap a truly fabulous ‘highlight box’ for the fourth edition of the Three Palaces Festival.

As the name gives away, The Three Palaces Festival is set in the three presidential palaces: the Verdala Palace in Buskett, San Anton Palace in Attard, and the Grandmaster’s Palace in Valletta, This year also Teatru Manoel offering a feast of classical, modern and jazz music in rich settings that combine history to the timeless relevance of the music performed.

The venues were chosen for their acoustic and ‘feel’ of the space. Peter Manning, artistic director of the festival wanted to represent the majesty of the mix which is the architectural space and the music which will be played in it. “Music really does alter the space of buildings,” he muses.

Manning notes how the programme this year “brings artists who adore the live setting”. Also, all the events have a completely different sound world. He is keen to point out how the “highlights are in every show”, with a collection of music which lets audiences hear upfront the breadth of composers and their chosen instruments, both vocal and instrumental with leading international artists”.

One of the aims of the festival is to, despite the uniqueness of its venues, remain accessible to a wide range of audiences. “We are focusing on offering events for younger people and inviting young people in Malta who love being involved with art -creation and music to come to events for them specifically in mind. Naturally I have initiated a more fulsome approach to the social media and international broadcast and presentation to reach out to music lovers both in Malta and across the world,” he comments.

He goes on to point out how he has been in talks with many people and thinks it is his joint responsibility and privilege to encourage all the performing artists that we invite to our festival “to offer something back to the new generation, by simply having an open-minded approach to developing ideas; to encourage talent and ability to flower; both in Malta and for live performance broadcast in Europe and across the world.”

As artistic director, he wishes to make Malta a destination-centre of live performance, audience arts tourist development and music education in Europe. “To have artists of prominent profile and having embraced the newest stars of the world stage such as Perez and Shibe allows us to say that we are putting an offer to the world that will attract the curiosity and interest of the international arts community and ordinary folk everywhere,” he states proudly. Speaking about his role as artistic director, Manning enthuses, “I am so thrilled and honoured to have been invited by Malta to come and join your tremendous arts –family. I will want to support and develop the younger generation of Malta in particular.” He is also intrigued by the country’s culture, noting how he also looks forward to “fully absorbing the wonderful and deep ancient and indeed modern culture, food and entertainment alongside some down-time sailing (time permitting).

“Meeting many new friends to support and advise and simply ‘hang-out’ on our music and art based journey is something that I am much looking forward to as a major part of our development together and what a great time and a great country in which to be doing this! Let’s tell everyone about Malta!”

The Three Palaces Festival runs
November from 4 to 13